Feel so depressed! No one’s here, no one cares, no one feels the same.

Right! Everyone is different. They think differently, they do different things. It’s pretty obvious that they won’t feel the same. You feel depressed? But for what? Is there any reason to get depressed? Life is going on, don’t think that it’s going WRONG! It never goes wrong, it goes on just how you let it to. It’s nothing more than that.

Okay! Before I start to talk about something; give some answers to yourself:

man s face
Photo by Raphael Brasileiro

Do you face difficulty in concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions?

Fatigue and decreased energy?

Do you feel guilty, worthless or helpless?

Have Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism?

Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness or excessive sleeping are regular things?

Loss of interest in activities or hobbies which were once pleasurable?

Is Overeating or appetite loss at its level best?

Do you constantly feel sad, anxious or have ‘empty’ feelings?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then don’t get tensed or feel sorry for anything or even for yourself! These are just the symptoms of clinical depression. Do you really think that you are suffering from this? But why? Ever crossed your mind? Is it even worth thinking twice rather than making your beautiful, precious and enjoyable life making sad or depressed? The answer is certainly “NO”!

Think twice before you cry, think twice before you want to keep distance with others, think every time you lock yourself up. Because it’s your life, your decision. Everyone cares about you. Your loved ones from whom you are running away. Do you know what? When you feel depressed it hurts your loved one the most! Did you ever think like this that when you want to stay alone, lock yourself up in a corner, don’t talk to him or her, how they feel? They care about you, want to be with you, want to give you a hug at the toughest moment, want to hold your hand, want to make you feel special. It doesn’t matter how much you fight, shout or how much you stay cranky all the time, they never want to give up on you. If you think that you have no one, no one is left on the earth to let alone care about but to give up on you, then don’t you think that there’s something wrong with your calculation! There are mostly 7.5 billion people around the world! And you have none of them? You must be kidding. You just need to think out of the box. I admit, it’s tough to find just one person among them, but it’s not impossible. Look around you. See! The world is so beautiful, so many people around you, so many people are working, so many people living a joyous life despite having so many problems! You know what dear! Human beings are the most complicated beings ever living on this earth. They are facing so many problems but they reply back with a smile-“I’m FINE!” Don’t you do so? Why don’t you share your feelings with others or with your loved ones? Now, you will tell me that you have no one, why don’t I understand!

Okay then! Let’s talk about something different. Why don’t you help yourself out? Why don’t you become your own therapist? Come on! You are worth of this, capable of doing this just for you, just to live like before, just to live your happy joyous life again with your friends! You can do the following things:

Adjust your life again. Do whatever you want to do, do whatever, just to find peace.

Why don’t you try a new lifestyle? It’s the best way to find something colorful from your gray reflection of life!

Don’t think that playing video games, taking drugs or smoking are some ways to recover from depression or any way to relaxation. You can try soothing music, meditation, and Yoga, or breathing exercises. Can go out for a walk. Exercises are better forms of relaxation.

Change your diet. Of course, food and a healthy torso are the keys to happiness.

Keep in mind that you are never alone. You can find help whenever you want. You have a special life than others. Then why to waste it by making it wistful or dismal! This life is yours. You have the fullest chance to make it happy again. You just need your own help. Remember! Life never goes WRONG, it goes just how YOU let it go! RULE the flow of your life. Stay happy!