Research & Survey

In the field of Research and Survey, we provide a wide range of supports in the means of designing, approaches, methods, and also logistical supports to achieve the primary goal. This service is focused on a few areas which include but not limited to academia, social sciences, industry/sector, or region reliant on the relevant situational framework. We conduct these research studies based on proper technical understanding, theoretical or conceptual framework, and by collecting both primary and secondary data. Our services are:

  • Any kind of research resource support includes meticulous research design and methodology, questionnaire development, and data collection in any kind of field that our client prefers.
  • We provide academic analytical report resource support. We have experts to meet our client’s requirements.
  • Technical research support includes but not limited to research data collection (Quantitative and Qualitative), we give our clients logistical and human resources support (research assistant/research associates) in regards to data collection, along with any kinds of accommodation, transportation, or local access supports that client might require.
  • We provide ‘Policy-Based Research Documentation’ services to acquire the best-recommended policies for further development.
  • Surveys include baseline studies, feasibility, and evaluation studies in any sector.
  • We do household surveys, people satisfaction survey, opinion survey. Considering COVID-19, it can be in person surveys or online survey.
  • We do meticulous and robust market research studies so that the client can develop their objective, improve customer service quality, and can reach a completely new arena of the customer market.
  • We can also provide the client with only specific technical expert staff where they require.

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