Consultancy in Development Sector

We provide a multitude of services. Our multi-dimensional approach and meticulous methodology help to acquire the desired outcomes of our clients. Our nation-wide local resources make the work really effective and efficient. We also have experts in the field of entrepreneurship development, business creation, gender promotion, capacity building among others category. Our offers are:

  • Project Implementation Support: We provide our clients with the assistance of project planning and management along with logistical and Human Resources contract management (project staffs and consultants) in their project implementation process. We maintain communication in all 64 districts of Bangladesh, and we provide logistical support (office space, housing support, vehicle support, procurement support, etc.) Technical assistance and intervention designs can be provided as per request.
  • Business Development Support: We provide business development support to our clients. From business formation to business operations support. Any kind of facilitation can be provided as we have experts for each category.
  • Public-Private Partnership: We give PPP support to our clients. We maintain government and non-government communication for our clients.
  • Training and Facilitation: We provide training support to our clients in all aspects of the development spectrum. It is possible to assist with training logistical support and also provide expert trainers for our clients. We also provide Training of Trainer support to our clients.
  • Materials Development: We develop different materials for our clients, from training modules to the training curriculum. Other types of materials are also developed if requested by the client.
  • Export Support: We provide the basic guidelines for exporting and help our clients with paper works and logistical processing for exports.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Services: Our clients can receive monitoring and evaluation support from us. We provide periodical M&E support for any project and also for elements of a project with progress review.
  • Survey and Research: We conduct baseline surveys, vendor analysis, pre and post-test surveys for our clients.
  • Expert Support Staff: We can also provide the client with only specific technical expert staff where they require. We provide both short-term experts and long-term experts as per the requests of our clients.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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